There’s a simple path to love, prosperity and success for the
highly sensitive person.

You were born into this world wired differently than most of the population. You have a sensitive nature that if left unattended can create many challenges in your life. OR when you nurture this special gift in the right way, it can actually work in your favor.

While your path may have felt lonely, frustrating and challenging in the past, you can relax now with the understanding that a life of constriction is NOT your destiny!

For the past 30 years I have worked with thousands of professionals in all walks of life world wide to help them dissolve the energy blocks that prevent them from having a life of success. Every time I had a client that was highly sensitive, I noticed they had resorted to coping with their sensitive nature with strategies that made their life HARDER!  Their heightened sensitivities would cause stress, overwhelm, burnout, frustration and fear.

Now there’s a MUCH easier way to live your life as a highly sensitive person AND create the success you desire with ease and flow. On this website you will discover programs and resources for the highly sensitive person  – all designed to help you live the life you always envisioned for yourself. Take a look around and be sure to download the FREE audio program for the highly sensitive person on “How to tap into the goldmine of your prosperity.”






Debbie combines her intuitive gift, energy skills and 30 years of professional experience to show people worldwide how to dissolve all the energy blocks that prevent them from living a life of authenticity, passion, fulfillment, creativity and prosperity.
That trip to see Debbie was worth every penny that I paid for the entire package! We talked about some big, deep issues, but she made it so easy to talk about them, see them in a neutral way and release them. I couldn't believe how much I was able to clear, heal and let go while working with her. Working in person with Debbie took me to an entirely new level. She was able to show me where I was holding energy in my body and how to keep it flowing. When I got home, everything shifted for me. My marriage was stronger -- my husband, who has never met nor listened to any of Debbie's classes, absolutely loves her 🙂 -- my children listen to me better, my home runs more smoothly, and I feel so much more peaceful and in control throughout my day. This has been the best investment I’ve ever made!
Anna W.
Working with Debbie Lynn Grace quite literally advanced my life by a minimum of five to ten years. Working with Debbie, I learned how to overcome the overwhelm that was stopping me in my tracks; accept, understand, and nurture my HSP; and truly love and honor myself, my many passions, and my intuition for what they are, gifts from God. I was given not only the tools, but Debbie's genuine love and support to walk my soul path one exciting, enlightening step at a time. For that I am forever grateful for Debbie Lynn Grace, the work that she does, and all the seeds of love she has planted not only in my heart but in hearts all over the world. Debbie got me thinking bigger, broader and more expansive than I had ever dared to before. Thank you so much, Debbie, for showing me the way.
Meridith R
I thought my life would continue to be miserable, lonely, where no one understood me. I literally could not even drive anymore. I was isolated in my home because of my sensitivities. Debbie provided me with tools needed to deal with my highly sensitive nature. Tools needed to protect myself and release negative energies rapidly. I got my life back!! If you are committed to seeing your life change and using the tools she provides as a HSP she will help you immensely. PLEASE DO NOT DOUBT – JUST DO. Invest in yourself because she is totally invested in you.
Jill N

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