Debbie Lynn Grace Delivers Big Impact Through Heart, Inspiration and Soul Lifting Keynotes!

It’s the obstacles, challenges and unexpected opportunities that truly lead you to discover your higher calling. For Debbie Lynn Grace, the road to her purpose felt like an unconventional route and path she had never envisioned for herself. Now each step on her path makes perfect sense and she feels truly blessed to show people worldwide how to live an aligned life of purpose, love, passion, creativity and prosperity.

Debbie is an author, transformational leader, gifted intuitive, energy worker and business growth expert. Over the last 30 years she has inspired hundreds of thousands of people across the globe take their lives to a new level of growth and unlock their own personal power.

In her transformational and engaging keynotes, Debbie delivers a captivating, witty and inspirational message that will speak to the heart, mind and soul of your audience members. She will show you how to quickly dissolve all the energy blocks in your life that stop you from achieving a life of fulfillment, purpose, love, passion and prosperity.

From 30 minutes to a 3-day retreat, Debbie Lynn Grace can customize the program that uses easy to implement tips and strategies that help you create limitless success in your life. Click here for Debbie’s availability. 



The 3-Step Formula That DISSOLVES ALL The Energy Blocks In Your Life


Debbie Lynn Grace has been working with professionals worldwide for over thirty years. In her work, she has seen people struggle with the same common energy blocks that rob them from a fulfilling life and create a life of hard work and struggle. There’s a much easier way to manifest your dreams using a simple three step formula that is easy to implement and connects you to a life of purpose and prosperity. In this impactful program, Debbie will show you:

  • WHY you can still get triggered into fear, lack and constriction even if you have spent years working on your own personal development.
  • WHY the four biggest excuses of a lack of time, money, education and support are NOT the REAL energy blocks holding you back from getting what you want and what is.
  • WHY you can fall into a cycle of self sabotage and procrastination even when you have a plan which will improve your situation.
  • WHY the law of attraction can work against you.
  • WHY trying to change your belief systems is NOT the most effective method for changing your circumstances and what is.
  • The 5 ESSENTIAL ingredients that MUST be present for a permanent transformation so you get out of the pattern of hard work and struggle.
  • How to transform hard work and struggle and “confusion” into some of your greatest SOUL work.
  • The 3-step formula that DISSOLVES ALL the energy blocks holding you back from manifesting EVERYTHING you really want.


Leading With Grace


When you see a glacier, you are only seeing 10% of that glacier. The other 90% is below the water’s surface. As a leader of your organization or business or department, what you say and what you do is only 10% of what your following, employees or customers experience from you. The other 90% is what truly affects how connected they feel with you, your vision and your mission. In this powerful session, Debbie Lynn Grace will share with you the four key elements that will make your followers feel connected to you, to each other, to your mission and your vision. Once you know and apply these four critical elements you will feel more confident, more empowered, more congruent and more connected to your following. In addition, you will inspire greater loyalty from your following and they will in turn feel transformed from your presence. Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to be more resilient as a leader when thrown obstacles in the path of our mission.
  • How to inspire deeper loyalty and a stronger connection from your following, employees or clients.
  • The one thing that goes against what you are taught in school about success that will make you stronger and more impactful as a leader.
  • How to stay calm and centered in spite of the many demands placed on you daily as a leader.
  • Why what you do and say is only 10% of your effectiveness as a leader and why the other 90% is the most crucial to make a greater impact.

Just A Few Client Testimonials

Of all the programs I’ve had the pleasure of attending over the years, yours was without a doubt the most inspiring, practical and fun session I’ve ever experienced. You immediately connected with everyone in the audience. And your successfully balanced a refreshing self-deprecation with a wealth of valuable tips, making you both approachable but powerful enough to give us a swift kick in our assets. Thank you for sharing your vision, your experience and your humor.
J. Barteges
President / Barteges Communications
Debbie, thank you for an excellent presentation. You were speaking to a crowd who sometimes think they’ve heard it all. Yet you easily won them over with your engaging style. Several of our attendees commented to me yours was one of the best presentations we’ve ever had. They found that you stood out because you offer such valuable content in your talk and make it fun too. Please accept my words of appreciation.
M. Murphy
President / SDDMA
We received rave reviews for your program. Our evaluations were glowing with praise and ranked your session as the best in the entire conference!
K. Taylor
Program Chair / Association of Destination Management Executives
Dynamic! Informative! Engaging! You were certainly the package that was enthusiastically received by our Association. Please use me as a reference to any organization that is looking for a speaker who educates, entertains and provides the audience with a quality experience
S. Schrift
Program Chair / San Diego Coaches Alliance
Debbie, you’re tops in my book! You received the highest rating ever received for 27 presenters in our event’s three-year history. I put a high value on the professionalism you exhibit. Everyone had only rave reviews for your program.
S. Jansen
Conference Coordinator / Orange Coast College Business Expo
Debbie. Your program was so inspirational and a hard act to follow. I have nothing original to say to you, just the same old words you hear all the time. YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! As I looked around the audience throughout your program, I spotted people having their own “ah-ha” moments. It was an honor to have you on our program.
J. Picard
Conference Coordinator / CA Association of Bridal Consultants
I thank you for being such a dynamic, inspiring and informative public speaker. May we all take your many lessons to heart for more rewarding lives.
E. Brown
Owner / Wedding Guest
I had the pleasure of experiencing a keynote address by Debbie. Concise and direct, her message was delivered with clarity, concern, and humor. So powerful was her presentation that I was completely engaged. Debbie doesn’t just talk, she delivers viable tools that can be easily implemented.
A. Bollotta
President / Bollotta Entertainment
Debbie, I want to thank you for your marvelous presentation. It was absolutely topnotch…totally practical and packed with sensible suggestions I can apply immediately. The day with you was like watching an Oscar winning film – I was left kind of speechless and have been thinking about your program ever since.
L. Connor
Carnes & Associates

A Partial List Of Clients

Household International

Association of Destination Management Executives

Lucent Technologies

Success Magazine

Nordic Direct Marketing Days, Stockholm

High Performance Marketing

ProSource Wholesale Carpeting

Altair Travel & Cruises

State Electric Bank Marketing Association

Illini State Bank Illinois Young Bankers Association


Association For Accounting Marketing

Event Solutions Magazine

International Special Events Society

Hospitality Sales And Marketing Association Intl.

Helms Briscoe

Association of Professional Consultants

Drum Corp International

Reeves Business Training

McGladrey & Pullen

Southwestern Bell Telephone

Gibralter Publishing

Pomona Valley Hospital

Knight Ridder Publishing

Meeting Planners International

National Association of Catering Executives

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

Women’s Business Network

Learning Annex

St. Louis Community College

Orange Coast College

Strategic Resources International

CA Association of Business Brokers

CA Association of Bridal Consultants

MO Society of Association Executives

Direct Marketing Association

National Speakers Association

Association of Independent Insurance Agents

Cole Taylor Bank

Clemson University

College Media Advisors

Employees Involvement Association

Institute of Management Consultants

Hughes Advertising

MicroAge Computer Stores

Small Business Administration

Professional Women’s Alliance

Women’s Real Estate Council

Chicago Association Direct Marketing

San Diego Disc Jockey’s Association

National Association of Women Business Owners

Professional Independent Insurance Agents of MO

St. Louis Small Business Monthly

Women’s Commerce Association

For You Women’s Network

Debbie Allen’s Highly Paid Expert Workshop

Ken McArthur’s JV Alert

Evolutionary Business Council

Stockholm Post Office

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