Introducing a powerful course that shows you how to DISSOLVE all the energy blocks in your life so you easily manifest what you want and live a life of prosperity, love, joy, passion, fulfillment, purpose, vibrant health, creativity and expansion!

Dear friend,

Is there something out of whack in your life?

Your finances?
Your relationships?
Your health?
Your career?
Your happiness?

When something is out of whack it knocks everything in your life off kilter. Your emotions go on a roller coaster. Your health gets affected. Your stress skyrockets.

The common solution when you are feeling out of alignment is to come up with a plan and work harder. Yet “working harder” is NOT the best solution to put yourself in alignment.  And here’s why…

While you may get temporary results with this ineffective method, it will NOT remove the very energy blocks preventing you from creating the life you truly desire with ease and flow. In fact this course of action can actually keep you STUCK in the pattern of low vibration thinking of fear and constriction.

Over the past 30 years I’ve helped thousands of individuals with their own personal transformation and professional.

I continually see the same energy blocks with people that hold them back from EXPERIENCING a life of inner fulfillment, prosperity, passion, love and joy.

These energy blocks will undermine your life.
They will rob you of the financial prosperity you want.
They will keep you stuck in a holding pattern of lack, constriction or burnout.
They will keep you in a state of confusion.
They will make your purpose seem elusive.
They can trigger you into a state of fear,lack, depression, frustration and procrastination.

Now you can learn how to literally DISSOLVE the energy blocks in your life with a simple 3-step formula in this powerful audio course …the Soul Aligned Success 21 Day Program

Over a 21 day period you will learn the most powerful formula that helps you get EVERYTHING your heart yearns for with ease and grace. It shows you how to align the goals you set for yourself around what would support you on the HIGH VIBRATION of your true authentic self. And it helps you ATTRACT what you need to reach your goals that are aligned with goals that will be fulfilling and rewarding.

The formula for Soul Aligned Success shows you how to fulfill your soul’s destiny for walking a life of authenticity and purpose so you are living in the HIGH VIBRATION of unconditional love, prosperity, joy, passion, freedom and fulfillment.

This course will take you STEP BY STEP in learning exactly HOW to apply the formula of Soul Aligned Success to YOUR life. You will learn how to walk in the high vibration of your true soul path so that your life unfolds in magical ways easily, effortlessly and expansively.

As a result of taking this course you will:

  • Understand how your soul communicates with you.
  • Identify your own soul path.
  • Learn how to integrate your spirit/mind/body
  • Learn how to BYPASS all fear based thoughts of lack and limitation and stay connected to the HIGH VIBRATION of your soul.
  • Feel MORE confident in who you are and what is possible for you in EVERY area of your life.
  • Be more resilient and centered when unexpected obstacles cross your path so that you don’t get triggered into fear, sadness, overwhelm, shame or guilt.
  • Feel more inspired, passionate and connected to your true authentic nature
  • Access profound wisdom formerly unavailable to you.
  • Have clarity around questions you have been thinking about for years.
  • Have the courage to face and release old patterns you have been aware of and weren’t ready to release on some level internally.
  • Increase your capacity to receive greater levels of prosperity and love
  • Be able to manifest what your heart yearns for
  • Feel more powerful and aligned with what is most important to you
  • No longer feel burned out, deprived, overwhelmed or guilty
  • Live authentically and set boundaries others will naturally respect
  • FEEL loved, respected, worthy and deserving.
  • Attract greater opportunities and resources in your life.
  • Create a life that is fulfilling, passionate, prosperous, loving, creative and expansive

Here’s what you will learn 

Class One: Getting On The Path Of Soul Aligned Success easily and effortlessly

You have been taught from an early age that you should walk the path of Focused Success in order to get what you want in your life. Unfortunately, while this path can bring you results in any area of your life, it can also limit you from actually fulfilling your soul’s destiny.

The path of Focused Success is all about the doing and the having. What you have to do in order to have something. This can lead you down a path of hard work, struggle, burnout, lack of purpose and living in a LOW VIBRATION of fear, lack and shame. Your identity and beliefs on a subconscious level will ultimately drive your ability to get results on the path of Focused Success. From this limited space of low vibration your constrictive beliefs will drive your choices and lead you right back to the path of hard work and struggle.

The path of Soul Aligned Success is all about who you are being as the authentic person who you were born to be, walking the soul path that you were always destined to walk. In this path, the truth is led by what your heart yearns for. It yearns to live in the authentic nature that you always were meant to live.

In this class you will understand the difference between what you THINK you need and want and what your HEART really yearns for. Knowing the difference will change the course of your life and put you on your soul destiny that is waiting to be fulfilled. Your rewards will be far GREATER and the prosperity and love that is waiting for you is beyond what you would ever have thought possible.

You will have a greater understanding of living in a high vibration so that you BYPASS all your constrictive beliefs.

Class Two: How to hear your soul’s voice, identify your soul’s path and fulfill your soul destiny of purpose.

Your soul is a very tangible integrated part of your being. It guides you and communicates with you every single day. It will help you attract what you need and manifest what you want as you discover your true soul path moment by moment.

In this class you will learn HOW your soul communicates with you and how to distinguish your soul’s voice from your subconscious voice talking. You will also learn how to get questions answered on a soul level. You will also learn what cuts you off from hearing your soul’s guidance and how you can take yourself off course quickly when you are triggered into a place of fear.

You will also discover your true authentic nature that your soul has been guiding you to your entire life. You will uncover your soul values and how to express those soul values in a way that allows you to communicate authentically with confidence in every situation.

Class Three: Understanding how to live in body/soul/mind integration to stay on your soul path

Have you ever thought to yourself… “I will look for love after I lose 25 pounds.” Or “I will spend more time with my friends as soon as I finish this big project” or “I will take a vacation after I make XX amount of money.” Living in a world of Focused Success can be very limiting.

Your mind begins to compartmentalize and prioritize what it thinks you SHOULD be doing in order to get the most immediate result. And then it has you convinced you have to sacrifice other things important to you in your life until you have reached a certain goal for yourself. Unfortunately, if you don’t reach that goal, you can make yourself feel bad, feel deprived and feel guilty all at the same time.

When you walk the path of Soul Aligned Success, you never deprive yourself from the EXPERIENCING the richness, excitement and possibilities of life. You stay connected to love, to prosperity, to vibrant health, to passion and to creativity ALL at the time.

In this class you will learn how to integrate your body, your spirit (soul) AND your mind so that you are always in continuous dialogue with all three no matter where you are putting your efforts. By doing this, you will continually be feeding what your heart yearns for and you will never feel guilty, deprived or like you have sacrificed your time or energy while you are working hard to achieve a goal.

Class Four: How to stay on your soul path in the good times AND the bad times

In life you are guaranteed to hit some bumps in the road and experience some unexpected challenges. When you are walking the path of Focused Success, an unexpected obstacle can quickly trigger you into stress, fear, lack, sadness and overwhelm. It can undermine your confidence and get you completely off your center.

When you are on the path of Soul Aligned Success you have continual confidence, clarity and resiliency at your disposal. Because you are living in authenticity grounded at your core being you will have clarity on how to move through an unexpected challenge quickly and you will know how to RECEIVE the help and support that is available to you at all times.

In this class you will learn exactly HOW to stay on your soul path so that you stay connected to your soul’s voice, your inner guidance, your clarity and your powerful manifesting skills at all times. You will learn how to get TRACTION in the high vibration of your soul path so that you no longer get triggered into old patterns of constrictive behavior and low vibration thinking. You will create a fully customized plan of action that is specifically designed to nourish your soul, nourish your mind and nourish your body.

You will be using this plan every single day for the rest of your life and learn how to update it as you change and evolve. This plan will speak directly to your heart, your mind, your soul and your body and will be your go-to guide to keep in a space of unconditional love, prosperity, confidence, joy, passion, creativity and connection.

Class Five: How to feel safe as your true authentic self

The four biggest excuses people have for not achieving what they truly want in their life is money, time, education and support. In fact, these excuses are all a myth. The path of Focused Success is completely driven by the belief systems you have on a subconscious level. If you have any constrictive beliefs in the area of receiving, being unlovable or being unworthy, you will always struggle to reach any goals if you don’t think you deserve them and you will never feel safe to be authentic.

Any feelings of lack, unworthiness, being unlovable, being unprotected or mistrust are all due to deep seeded belief systems that are operating at a low energetic vibration in your subconscious.

Your SOUL only has high vibration guidance for you filled with love and light and will ALWAYS lead you to greater opportunity, a path of love and prosperity and true connection to your authentic self. In this class you will learn how to honor your soul’s path by understanding how to live an authentic life. You will no longer have to worry about hiding parts of yourself that you don’t like or are ashamed of. You will feel confident in the areas you might have lacked confidence before. You will OWN the power you have inside and feel completely SAFE showing who you are to the world.

* You will learn how to BYPASS any feelings of lack, limitation and fear and live from the higher vibration of prosperity so that you ATTRACT what you want instead of feeling you have to work hard to get it.
* You will learn how to increase your capacity to RECEIVE more wealth, more love and greater opportunities.
* You will learn how to respect your own boundaries so that other people will naturally respect your boundaries too.
* You will learn how to express what is truly important to you in your personal and professional life so that other people can respect, admire and support your soul path.
* You will learn how to navigate and orchestrate your SPACE so that you CAN receive more of what you really want.
* You will learn how to release pressure you feel internally and externally so that you can easily manifest with grace.

Class Six: Grounding your energy so that walking the path of Soul Aligned Success becomes your natural state.

The reason so many people start off with a goal with great intentions and then quickly stop following a plan is because they are not grounded in their soul qualities. If you don’t ground this path so that you stay centered while you live your life, you can easily be triggered into a place of fear in any area where your subconscious is holding onto limiting beliefs.

This class is like the glue that holds you to your soul path. You will learn very simple grounding techniques that will help you in EVERY situation. They will help you to release negative energy from other people. They will help you to hold your boundaries. They will help you to stay calm in the midst of chaos. They will help you to stay clear so things don’t get overwhelming.

Class Seven: How to step up your game and be a Leader Of Light so you fulfill your soul’s destiny of purpose

You were put on this planet to shine your light brightly so others who have not yet reached your level of consciousness can have the courage to find their soul’s home. Whether you are a coach, a teacher, a janitor, a mother, father, banker or speaker, you were born with a destiny to serve others by being a Leader of Light. It will never serve you to play small, be inauthentic, live in fear or lack. or dim your power. By doing this, you will only dis-empower others around you and it will knock you off your soul path.

In this class you will learn how to step up your game with confidence, learn to live in a state of being uncomfortable and feel completely confident to walk in a space of the unknowing. This doesn’t mean you won’t have answers, it means you will finally be living in partnership with your soul, fulfilling your soul’s destiny and be supported and guided by a universal power that has BIG things in store for you.

Here is what the course includes

#1: Audio downloads of the recorded class by Debbie Lynn Grace.

This course is focused exclusively on helping you align with the high vibration of your soul path. Debbie always transmits a high vibration energy frequency while she teaches so that you get an energy attunement at the same time you are also learning the course material. This energy transmission is embedded in the audio recordings so that every time you listen to the audio you are accessing a high vibration frequency.

#2: Comprehensive handouts for each class.

Each class includes a comprehensive handout so that you can follow along with course material. The handouts also include instructive exercises for you to complete which help you apply the information directly to your own life.

#3: Practical Application with E-tip series

Every single thing you learn in this course you will be able to apply immediately in your life. You will have a never ending stream of “ah ha” moments. All the pieces of your life will fall into place as you learn how to walk in your true soul path by following the formula of Soul Aligned Success.

You will receive the 7 audio class recordings in the series over a 21 day period via e-mail. You will get a new audio every 3 days. This gives you time to go through the exercises of each class and apply the information to your life. You will also receive an e-tip series that shows you how to apply the information for each class to your life. 

It takes 21 days to start to get traction in your life and develop a new way of thinking and being. The course is designed to give you maximum results by sending you a new audio or e-tip on a daily basis over the 21 days so you develop traction of living in a high vibration. Once you live in a high vibration all your energy blocks of lack and limitation begin to dissolve in your life..

This program is for you if:

* You are making a a big transition or want to make a big transition in your life.
* You want to feel more connected to your soul and your intuition.
* You want to enjoy BOTH more prosperity AND more fulfillment.
* You are on a path of personal growth and development.
* You find yourself self sabotaging your own success and you’re ready to make a permanent change.
* You are tired of life’s challenges getting you down and want an easier life.
* You want to live freely AND safely without judgment and criticism.
* You want a sense of peace about the direction of your life.
* You feel called to be of greater service in the world.
* You want MORE out of your life – more prosperity, love, fulfillment, passion and connection.
* You have achieved financial success in your life and want the same level of success and fulfillment in EVERY other area of your life.
* You want a life free from guilt, shame, fear and lack.
* You want to walk confidently in every aspect of you life.
* You want clarity around questions around the meaning to your life and your life purpose
* You are committed to living a life of authenticity, unconditional love and prosperity.

I have worked with Debbie over the years and she has helped me in many aspects of my life. To live a successful life you want to be well rounded and in alignment in every area of your life. And that is what Debbie has done an incredible job in helping me to do. Being in alignment in my spiritual, my mental, my physical, my relationships and also helping me grow my business by 1000's of percent. I have hired many professionals over the years that have not gotten me the results I wanted. Debbie has always helped me get incredible results. I go back and listen to the advice she has given me and it always applies to the situation at that moment. Debbie is the real deal and can help you get incredible results and live the life of your dreams.
Gene Yoder
Dearest Debbie - 'Thank you' is inadequate to express my heartfelt, no - 'soul felt' gratitude to you. Already the life implications are so massive!!!! Thank you for opening the door, leading me over the bridge, introducing me to my soul!
Barb Smed, Smed Realty
Debbie your continued stewardship is so appreciated. You've given me tools to conquer many things and become the person that I am. I firmly believe in everything you say and i hang on your every word. You are my guiding light.
Roger Allison
Debbie, there aren't words. You are just amazing. You say the right things and you channel the right things.. However it comes, it's perfect. I look forward to doing many more programs with you. Thank you so much
Rita Crawford

10 Ways This Course Will Benefit You!

#1: Learn how to live in high vibration thinking of prosperity, purpose and abundance.

You are conditioned to think that if you want to reach a goal you should make a plan and work harder. That conditioning is anchored in the low vibration of your subconscious. And this limited thinking is COSTING you time, energy, money and resources. It’s robbing you from happiness, joy, prosperity and purpose.

FORTUNATELY, you are prewired to actually live in the high vibration of your soul path. This course will show you how to RAISE your vibration to match your TRUE authentic self so that you start to ATTRACT and MANIFEST what you want instead of working and struggling to get what you want.

#2: Receive high vibration energy transmission in each class

Debbie transmits a high vibration energy frequency while she is teaching each class which is also included in the class recordings. This allows you to expand your energy field so that you start to raise your energy vibration and open up to receiving MORE of what you do want without any extra effort.

#3: Guided journeys that keep you in high vibration

Debbie channels soul guidance in guided meditations during certain classes in this course. These guided meditations are for you to listen to at any time when you need to get recentered, grounded and raise your vibration out of lack and limitation. You will receive two BONUS guided meditations with this program.

#4: Completely applicable to every situation in your life

Everything you learn in this course will help you get better results in EVERY area of your life. You will notice that things become easier for you to accomplish. You will feel more confident. And you will feel more connected to your own inner guidance about any situation.

#5: Customized to YOU

The course is designed so that you get the answers you need about your OWN soul path and how to stay there. You will be applying the course material to your own life. The guidebook you receive with each class audio walks you through the process of self discovery, insight and application to your own life, your purpose and your soul path.

#6: Your plan will be FUN, ENERGIZING and ABUNDANT

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and then had to learn new strategies and methodologies that are tedious, unexciting and perhaps even overwhelming?

That’s not the case in this course. You will actually implement what you learn in this program and create your own plan to stay on your soul path that will nourish your mind, nourish your body and nourish your soul in a way that is soothing, fun, energizing and easy.

#7: Material will be relevant for rest of your life

This course will help you grow and expand as you grow and expand. It will give you the fundamental tools to stay in your soul path for the rest of your life. It does NOT matter what happens in the world, how technology changes, what you are doing, where you live and what is happening in your life, this material will ALWAYS be relevant to your life.

#8: You will have traction to STAY in the high vibration of your soul path

When you are stressed, worried and overwhelmed while trying to accomplish a goal, it is so easy to get triggered into low vibration thinking of lack and limitation.

This program shows you how to get TRACTION to stay in the high vibration of your soul path. So when the heat turns up, deadlines need to be met, obstacles get in the way or challenges arise, you won’t be triggered down into despair. Instead you will find yourself more grounded and centered so that you have a higher level of discernment on how to move through any challenge with greater ease and grace.

#9: You will start living your purpose without trying!

Trying to search for your purpose is LOW vibration thinking, This path leads to confusion and disconnection to inner fulfillment.

This course will show you how to lead a life of fulfillment and purpose and the form will start to reveal yourself day by day without you having to search for the answers.

#10: You will get better results in EVERY area of your life

By applying what you learn in this course to your daily life, you will notice that you get better results in EVERY area of your life whether it’s relationships, your health, your wealth or your career.

Mastering The Formula For Soul Aligned Success is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Action is the first step to fulfilling your dreams.

When you register for the Soul Aligned Success Program, you send a strong signal back to your subconscious mind that you are READY and WILLING to make a big change in your life. You have tapped into the higher vibration of prosperity at a soul level and know there is a place of power waiting to tap into. And now you are ready to face your fears and live an expansive life. Step One of taking action is a giant step forward to releasing old fear based programs and constrictive habits.

When you take this GIANT step, you empower yourself to have forward motion TOWARDS your dreams that are aligned on your true soul path of living a rich and fulfilled life. Once you understand how to master the formula of Soul Aligned Success in your life, it will be so much EASIER to obtain what you truly want. In each class you will learn how to master the strategies that make the formula WORK for you.

At the end of the 21 days you will have created a detailed plan which shows you how to live in the high vibration of love, prosperity and purpose aligned with your soul path. Like any plan it takes consistent action to create the results you want. In this case you will KNOW that the action you are taking will get you the result you want instead of trying to figure out what works or doesn’t work. There is no guessing on how to apply the simple strategies to your life to DISSOLVE the energy blocks which have held you back from creating the life you truly desire.

The program is customized completely to YOU!

This 21-Day self study audio course is the only program of it’s kind in the marketplace that shows you how to live a truly authentic life of confidence by walking your true soul path. By applying all the steps of the formula to your life, the energy blocks that have held you back in your life DISSOLVE.

The course is designed to give you the information in a very specific sequence so that the material builds upon itself as you work through the program. Each class has a comprehensive workbook with special transformational exercises designed to help you release, shift and transform your thinking, your identity and your BEING to live a life from the state of prosperity. There are also e-mail tips to help you apply the information immediately to your life.

By the end of the program you will have your very own customized Soul Aligned Success blueprint that shows you how to create success in your life.

Here are just a few of the topics addressed in this course:

  • Getting out of a fear space
  • Getting rid of negative people in your life
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Receiving more money in your life
  • Feeling worthy and loveable
  • Healing past childhood emotional pain
  • Feeling 100% confident of your pathWalking your true soul path
  • Releasing all the energy blocks in your life
  • Living in a state of abundance and prosperity
  • Feeling connection to your intuition

Live in the high vibration of your soul path FOREVER

#1: This program is set up for your success from start to finish. The first class shows you how to get the greatest value from the program so that you know how to apply the information to your own life after each class.

#2: You also receive detailed handouts that walk you through the information of each class. They include transformational exercises that help you identify your blocks, release them and shift into the high vibration or prosperity, abundance, love and purpose.

#3: Get traction in high vibration thinking by fully integrating the information you learn into your daily life and actions. You will have a detailed customized plan of action that you LOVE implementing each and every day so that you wake up feeling happy, prosperous and fulfilled.


Yes I am ready to walk the path of Soul Aligned Success. Sign me up right NOW for the Soul Aligned Success 21 Day Audio Program.

When I get the Soul Aligned Success Program, I receive:

  • #1: Audio downloads for each module in the course – $1497 Value
  • #2: Comprehensive handouts for each module. – $697 Value
  • #3: Practical Application with E-tip series – $197 Value
  • BONUS: Guided meditation journey on grounding. – $27 Value

TOTAL VALUE     $2418

NOTE: As soon as you sign up for the Soul Aligned Success 21 Day Program, you will get the registration details of the program PLUS the class one audio and handout. Each class will take you step by step on how to apply the formula of Soul Aligned Success to your life!

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You were born to live a life filled with love, prosperity, joy, fulfillment, passion, creativity, confidence and expansion. When you follow your true soul path everyday will be a blessing and you will manifest with ease and grace that which your heart yearns for. Register today and learn how to fulfill your soul’s destiny.



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