Learn The Secret 4-step Formula For Highly Sensitive People And Empaths You Need That Prevents Burnout, Overwhelm, Protects You From Unwanted Energy, Increases Your Confidence and Brings You Peace And Vitality!

A One Time Only LIVE Online Course With Debbie Lynn Grace!

Dear Professional,

Please take this quick quiz:

  • Do you have a hard time watching violence on TV or seeing violent pictures?
  • Do you feel sick when other people tell you about their illnesses?
  • Do you feel constriction or pain in your body when you are around any negative situation or person?
  • Do you feel really drained from situations that are highly charged emotionally?
  • Do you have severe allergies to certain foods and certain smells?
  • Have you been told you are “very sensitive“ and you take things too personally?
  • Do you feel depleted after working with someone, helping someone solve their emotional problems or overextending yourself?
  • Does too much stimuli around you overwhelm you?
  • Do you work really hard to make money and then you feel depleted and have to recharge before you can engage again to make money?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are considered a “Highly Sensitive Person.”

This is a subject I’m very passionate about because I am a Highly Sensitive Person and an empath.
Unfortunately, my sensitivities caused me a lot of emotional pain. I was teased, bullied and labeled “too sensitive” as a kid. And I took that to mean there was something wrong with me. I thought it meant I was unlovable and different.

Over the years I just “dealt” with my sensitivities by vacillating between being apologetic and defensive about my sensitivities and secretly feeling frustrated and ashamed of the challenges I had from being wired this way. Many times I felt like a victim to my sensitivities because it was hard to feel safe in a world where I was always in danger of picking up someone else’s emotional or physical pain in my body.

Unfortunately, no one explained to me how to live as a Highly Sensitive Person that actually made me stronger, more confident, healthy, safe and prosperous.

Then everything changed…

In 1995 while I was going through a divorce, I turned to my older sister Lisa, who was an energy worker and healer, for solace and advice. She suggested that I learn a form of energy work called Flow, Alignment and Connection™ to help with my own healing process.

In learning this energy discipline, I learned that I too had a gift for healing and a powerful intuitive ability I had never before tapped into. And as a result I became MORE sensitive.

With my newly discovered abilities I had a purpose for my sensitivities. As I learned to track energy in situations and people, I started to understand how these sensitivities were a gift and not a curse.

As the years went by and my intuitive gifts became stronger and stronger, my sensitivities also increased. AND… at the same time I discovered new strategies for becoming stronger, more confident and more prosperous that empowered me instead of weakening my body.

To be honest, it wasn’t my intention to ever share these strategies for living a successful life as a Highly Sensitive Person until I realized that many of my students and clients are also Highly Sensitive and they struggled with the very same challenges I used to face growing up. And there was very little information on HOW TO THRIVE with your sensitivities.

For the past 30 years I worked with thousands of professionals in all walks of life world wide to help them remove the energy blocks that prevent them from having a life of success. Every time I had a client that was Highly Sensitive, I noticed they had resorted to coping with their sensitive nature with strategies that made their life HARDER!

“First of all I want to say how much I enjoyed your webcasts. Being a highly sensitive person is something I have been dealing with my whole life. Participating in this has opened me up to who I really am. You have helped me to start accepting myself and have a much better understanding on how I can take better care of myself. I learned some great tools Thank you once again for this course. You have been a huge inspiration in helping me nourish my soul!”

 ~ Rosy C.

Beware of these commonly used strategies by
Highly Sensitive People that do NOT work and
actually make your life HARDER

There are some very common strategies used by Highly Sensitive People that not only don’t work, they create energy blocks in your life that actually make your life HARDER instead of easier and in flow. As a Highly Sensitive Person, here are the common strategies you should AVOID:

#1: Trying to toughen up.

You can try and toughen up and not be sensitive but you will be fighting a losing battle. You were born with sensitivities for a reason. “Toughening up” goes AGAINST your natural innate wiring, is inauthentic and actually hurts your body physically.

#2: Ignoring that you are highly sensitive.

If you ignore that you are highly sensitive, you will also be seriously harming your body. Because of your sensitivities you are like a walking sponge. Every day you are taking on other people’s energy into your body whether you realize it or not. If you don’t understand how to cleanse and release all unwanted energies from your body on a daily basis, you will start to suffer physically and it can turn into serious illness. You can also become tired, drained and emotionally depleted.

#3: Withdrawing from society.

For highly sensitive people, life can become very over whelming. Particularly if you are in a job you don’t like, you hang around people who are negative or you don’t have a strong loving support system. Any type of negative situation can harm you physically and emotionally and the natural inclination is to withdraw. Being in seclusion is lonely, no fun and will only make you feel more sad and helpless.

#4: Having a protective energy shield around you.

Imagining a protective white light energy field around your body is a common strategy in the metaphysical world being taught to people. I’ve been an energy worker for over two decades and I have never seen this be an effective permanent solution. You can visualize all the protection you want and it won’t protect you from taking on the energy of negative people around you. There’s a MUCH more effective way…

#5: Feeling bad, ashamed, apologetic or defensive about your sensitivities hoping someone else who isn’t sensitive will understand you.

God gave you the gift of your heightened sensitivities for a reason. Trying to deny it, defend it or apologize for it is completely disempowering and eats away at your self confidence. You came into this world with this gift that should be accepted, embraced and respected in a way that BOOSTS your confidence and makes you feel MORE powerful.

#6: Thinking non-sensitive people experience or understand the world like you do.

If someone is not wired like you are, they will NEVER feel or experience what you feel and experience in your body due to your sensitive nature. They will never feel things as deeply as you do. They will never have the level of understanding and perspective of the world that you do. Trying to justify or defend your sensitive nature to a non sensitive person undermines your self confidence and also weakens your body in the process.

#7: Ignoring the signs your body is telling you.

Every moment your body gives you feedback. It tells you where you have taken in stress and constriction. As a Highly Sensitive person you get hit with a double dose of unwanted stress. You can easily take on stress in your body that’s not even yours from being in a crowded environment, being in an emotionally charged situation, surrounding yourself with drama or being in an atmosphere with low moral.

You MUST have a plan to protect, cleanse and nourish your body daily, or this stress you take on – that’s not even yours – will harm you physically.

#8: Feeling an overwhelming desire to serve and become an “over-giver“

As a Highly Sensitive Person you are deeply compassionate and caring because you “feel” when other’s are sad, upset or unbalanced. Your natural inclination is to always help. Sometimes you are helping so that the atmosphere is back in balance and sometimes you help because you care deeply for the welfare of others. While it’s noble to serve and support others, it’s NOT helpful to over give to the detriment of your own physical and emotional welfare. There’s a much easier way to use your gifts and serve so you are not DRAINED and depleted in the process.

#9: Working really hard to make money

Highly Sensitive people by nature are usually in protection mode or giving mode. Neither of these states allow for receiving – particularly receiving financial prosperity. This leads to falling into the cycle of working really hard to make money which depletes your energy. And then you need to withdraw to recharge and regroup and work hard again. This is a self defeating cycle that will always lead to self struggle and hard work.

I went on a mission to live an EASIER life as a Highly Sensitive Person …

I fell into the trap of using ALL of these common strategies to cope with my sensitivities until I realized I didn’t want my life to be hard and filled with struggle. That’s why I went on a quest to discover my own strategies to use, to protect and nourish my emotional and physical well being and FLOURISH working in flow with my sensitive nature. 

“I do want to tell you that I have instilled many of your recommendation habits, and find them to be supportive and empowering. Your class is one of my all time meaningful favorites!”

~ Lynda S.

And it was through this journey that I finally made the SHIFT that was the most powerful shift in my life. I had discovered the exact formula that transformed my life from one of hard work and struggle to a life of ease and flow.

The secret to living a vibrant and abundant life as a Highly Sensitive Person

Over the years I shared many of my strategies for thriving with extreme sensitivities with my students and clients and they started to see significant changes in their life too. For the first time, they experienced physical and emotional well being and they started to prosper financially.

Eventually, I sat down and outlined the very specific formula I have applied to my own life and have been secretly teaching “under the radar” for years. This work is the FOUNDATION for every thing I now teach. Without understanding how to apply this simple, fundamental formula to your life, you will always be vulnerable to the common energy blocks that prevent you from having the life you desire. Now this formula is available in a step by step course EXCLUSIVELY for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths.

Introducing “The Highly Sensitive Person Foundation Program” – A Transformational Online Telecourse

In this tele-course series you will learn the very specific formula that has been time tested with people worldwide who are Highly Sensitive to live a life of ease, flow, inner fulfillment and prosperity. It is a rock solid, step by step formula that when you apply it to your life allows you to make the powerful shift from a life that is hard to a life that is EASY, prosperous, fulfilling and in harmony with your sensitive nature.

“As usual, you hit the mark in the recent HSP course. A Thank you, Debbie, for your insights and help — you are an angel.” 

~ Elly W.

Discover the Formula that makes your life easier!

As a Highly Sensitive Person you are wired DIFFERENTLY. This is a fact. You are sensitive to your surroundings, to other people’s energies, to noise, to food, to taste and touch. Your awareness is heightened and you have a deeper capacity for compassion and empathy. These are GIFTS that need to be treated with respect, be protected, be nourished and be embraced with loving care.

The HSP Foundation Program shows you exactly how to take care of yourself so you experience vibrant health, emotional well being, ease, flow and prosperity. In the course you will be taken through the FOUR STEPS you must apply to your life so that you flourish instead of suffer. This formula gives you the foundation for living a life of passion, fulfillment, authenticity and prosperity.

“I found myself crying tears of joy during nearly every single one of the lessons you taught. I hadn’t even realized how much of what I’ve struggled with was because I’m an HSP. I thought everyone struggled with the same things and always beat myself up for not being as strong as everyone else seemed to be. Every time you shared another insight that just so perfectly described struggles or feelings I have, I felt so relieved to finally understand why I am that way, and I was able to view that aspect of myself with love and compassion instead of judgment. While I’ve learned a lot of amazing things from other people, I have never before taken a course that has spoken directly to my soul the entire time.”

~ Anna W.

Here’s what you will learn 

Class One: Making The Shift Into A Life Of EASE, Authenticity and Prosperity!

In this module you will learn the exact blue print to follow that shows you how to make the power shift from a life of hard work and struggle to a life of ease. The blue print is the key that gives you the freedom you have always wanted as a highly sensitive person. The freedom to be able to be your authentic self, to be powerful, to be fulfilled, to be loved unconditionally and to be prosperous.

You will learn how to shift your compassion and focus inward as you understand, accept and embrace your inner wiring. Through this process, you will learn how to wipe the slate clean of past emotional stigma and painful experiences associated with being a Highly Sensitive Person. 

You will walk away with a deep understanding of how to approach making changes in your life that lead to a PERMANENT transformation, rather than a temporary shift. This is critical in order to have lasting results in your life.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • The core philosophy that makes the 4-step formula work.
  • How to create PERMANENT change and transformation in your life.
  • Outline of the step-by-step blueprint that dissolves ALL your energy blocks and helps you live in a high vibration forever!
  • How to embrace, honor and respect your sensitive nature and build your confidence

Class Two: Protecting Yourself And Moving To A Place Of Vibrant Health

Everyday you unknowingly take on the energy of people you pass by in the street, in the coffee shop and the grocery store. In addition you take on the energy of people close to you at work or at home. And you are assaulted daily by messages in your e-mail box, images online, news in the media. It’s no wonder there are days you feel depleted and drained or overwhelmed. In this class you will learn how to protect your emotional and physical well being each day, create a solid support system and environment around you to create a safe environment.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • 9 Serious consequences in your life when you have no protection.
  • 12 Rules for protection that must know to avoid taking other people’s energy into your body.
  • 10 EASY ways to clear energy from your body. (One strategy works in just seconds!)

Class Three: Setting healthy boundaries in every area of your life.

As a compassionate and caring person, it’s natural to be generous and help others in distress or in need. Unfortunately, when you enter into circumstances where you give to the point of depletion or exhaustion, this can seriously affect your own emotional and physical well being.

A very common coping strategy for an HSP is to be the “over-giver” or “people pleaser.” When you give to others, it’s your subconscious way of trying to calm the energy. When others are happy around you, you are safe from negative energy.

In this class you will learn how to know when is the right circumstances to give freely and generously in a way that you are not left depleted or drained. You will also learn how to set healthy boundaries so you take care of yourself first and foremost. And you’ll find out how to deal with toxic situations so you aren’t impacted by the negative energy.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  •  7 Ways to identify if you are an over-giver.
  • 8 Rules of thumb when deciding to give.
  • 6 Important Guidelines to follow to give without depleting your own energy.
  • 5 step process to set healthy boundaries and safely ask and get your needs met from anyone.
  • How to safely release any toxic situation from your life.

“I wanted to communicate that I just listened to class #1 and was so uplifted and also so clearly reassured from my question before the class started about customizing the material. I want to thank-you for the reassurance that came through; acceptance of my sensitivity being valid rather than “a pain” to others, it was another layer to the first class to me that I received great benefit from. You delivered the material understandably and with great love. It was noticed and appreciated. I am so glad I am in this class and listened to my gut and signed up!“

~ Kate F.

Class Four: Grounding – the key to prosperity, resiliency and confidence.

When you are operating from a place of fear, vulnerability, lack thinking and self judgement, you start to constrict your body and your inner critic doesn’t shut up. This will erode your confidence and your self-esteem. And it leaves you feeling unsafe emotionally and physically. As soon as you shut down, you stop receiving the good things that come your way — opportunities, love and prosperity.

The most important thing you can do to take care of your body that allows your life to be in more flow is to learn how to ground. Grounding is critical to keeping your body in balance and your head clear of negative thinking. It allows you to get access to clarity and creativity. In this class you will learn how the power of grounding can help you develop your own internal “shock absorber” system and also keep you more resilient in times of challenge.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to create the space to receive prosperity and abundance.
  • 6 Ways to develop your own internal “shock absorber” system so you are protected.
  • Grounding techniques that keep you centered, calm and replenished.
  • How to be more resilient in challenging times and when obstacles cross your path.

(Guided meditation on grounding also included with this class.)

Class Five: Nourishment that feeds your mind, body and soul and creates space for prosperity and abundance.

In this class you will learn how to be PROACTIVE in your emotional and physical well-being so you walk away with your own customized self-nourishment program. When you are fully nourished and grounded in mind, body and soul you will be able to help others and build a life of purpose without feeling depleted and drained. Instead you will be energized, excited and connected to your passion for life. And you will create an expansive space to receive in abundance.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Creating a customized physical and emotional nourishment plan so you ALWAYS have a feeling of inner peace and well-being.
  • How to release the energy of hard work and struggle from your body PERMANENTLY.
  • The MOST effective level of self-care for the highly sensitive person that is in harmony with your body, your mind and your authentic nature.


Bonus #1: Sensitivity Self Assessment ($97 Value)

As a Highly Sensitive Person you are potentially affected by your physical environment, your workplace, the people you surround yourself by and your past emotional pain. All of these situations are affecting your emotional and physical state on a daily basis. You can’t change your situation until you first have a deeper understanding of where you are at now and what areas in your life you are most sensitive to. Once you have a deeper understanding of how you are personally wired, you will start your road to transformation and the first step to creating a life that is in harmony with your sensitive nature. You will be sent the Sensitivity Self Assessment as soon as you register for the course.

Bonus #2: TWO Live Q & A Calls With Debbie ($397 Value)

In these calls you will have a chance to ask Debbie ANY question you have regarding your own unique situation and how to thrive with your sensitivities.

If you are unable to attend the live call, you can send in your question in advance and she will answer your question during the live call. Remember, this call along with all the classes will be recorded and you will have immediate access to the recording as soon as the live call is over.

Bonus #3: How To Live Abundantly Using The HSP Foundation Tools ($97 Value) 

Now that you’ve learned new tools to protect and nourish your body, you need to APPLY this information on a daily basis to make a permanent change in your life.

In this bonus class, Debbie will walk you through a simple 30 Day ritual that is customized to your own unique body and sensitivities. You will learn how to easily incorporate all the tools from the class into your daily life. When you do this, you create traction in a higher vibration which leads to living your life with more ease and flow.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • The four cornerstones of living prosperously.
  • 12 guidelines to living in a high vibration.
  • 30 Day ritual to create harmony in your body.

(Bonus class includes live instruction with Debbie Lynn Grace in tele-class format, class handout and class recording.)

“Thoroughly enjoyed your course and got a lot out of it. Thank you so much!”

~ Val S.

All The Course Details

This is an online tele-class series where you can listen in the comfort of your own home. You can listen to the calls via phone or by webcast. All the calls will be recorded so you don’t ever have to worry about missing any information. And you will have immediate access to the recordings as soon as the live call is over.

The course is EIGHT sessions including the two live Q&A calls.

Enrollment period for this course ends on March 10, 2018.

Course Schedule

Classes are on March 5, 7, 12, 14, 19 and 21. The Q&A calls are on March 26 and 28. All calls are at 12 PM* Pacific (Noon) (The March 28 Q&A call is at 5 PM Pacific.)

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I am so grateful for you and your class. Thank you for your knowledge, tools, skills, and guidance on how I can truly live my best life as an HSP. This is one of the best things I have ever done. I have felt so peaceful at times after the classes and especially after the meditation. I keep trying to find the words to express to you – how truly grateful I am. I feel truly blessed to have been in your class.

~ Geri T.

Why you should take this course NOW!

It’s estimated that 20% of the population are highly sensitive people. Unfortunately, the common strategies used to compensate for the challenges that can affect your life due to your sensitive nature will make your life hard. This course will alleviate you NOW from any pain, struggle, shame and frustration from being highly sensitive.

Here’s the reality of what waiting will COST YOU…

#1: If you don’t apply this four step life success formula to your life, the common strategies used to cope with being highly sensitive will make your life HARDER.

#2: Without the right protection and nourishment, you will continually be taking in unwanted energy in your body on a DAILY basis which could turn into serious illness and disease.

#3: Your confidence level will constantly be undermined due to weak boundaries, over giving and feeling a need to serve even when you are depleted.

#4: You will stay stuck in bad situations, in careers that hurt you or with people who will make your life harder, your body weaker and you could be prone to depression, sadness, loneliness , frustration and helplessness.

#5: You will be in an endless cycle of working hard to make money and getting depleted so you never receive an increasing amount of prosperity.

#6: This is the LAST time Debbie Lynn Grace is teaching this class LIVE.  Debbie has been teaching this course live for three years. This is the last time she will be offering this course LIVE. Then this course will be turned into a self study program, the price will increase and you will not have access to Debbie in the live Q&A calls.

“I can’t possibly thank you enough for this course. It is the BEST thing I have invested in EVER. It is also the ONLY thing that “spoke” to me, explained and described stuff that was unique to me that I thought everyone had (!) and gives me practical steps to overcome my difficulties. I wish it was longer!”

~ Joan T.

“I am so grateful I listened to my intuition to sign up for your HSP course. I have never been taught this information before, and it is life changing. I am grateful that you said “Yes” to sharing your life learnings with all of us. You are helping to change the world in a wonderful way!”

~ Diana M.

10 Ways This Course Will Benefit You!

#1: Life- long strategies for success in EVERY area of your life.

Being a Highly Sensitive Person affects EVERY area of your life including your emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, professional and financial well being. This course is designed to show you how to work in HARMONY with your sensitivities so you thrive and flourish in each of these areas.

#2: Greater confidence.

Being ridiculed, teased, bullied or shamed for being Highly Sensitive completely undermines your courage and confidence. When you apply the Life Success Formula to your life, you will feel self empowered and your confidence will soar.

#3: Embrace and honor your true authentic sensitive nature.

Being anything BUT sensitive goes against your innate wiring and flow. This course shows you how to embrace your authenticity and true nature. No more apologizing, feeling shamed, humiliated or frustrated. Instead you will feel excited to use your gifts in new found ways to live a powerful life.

#4: Increased capacity to receive abundance and financial prosperity WITHOUT hard work and struggle.

The common inclination for a person who is Highly Sensitive is to fall into a never ending cycle of working hard to make money, getting depleted and withdrawing to recharge to have the energy to work hard again. This course will show you how to break this cycle that keeps you in a state of struggle and move into an expansive space of flow so you attract prosperity with EASE.

#5: Receive high vibration energy transmission in each class

Debbie transmits a high vibration energy frequency while she is teaching each class which is also included in the class recordings. This allows you to expand your energy field so that you start to raise your energy vibration and open up to receiving MORE of what you do want without any extra effort.

#6: Customized to YOU

This course is designed so that you get the answers you need about your OWN life and how to work WITH your natural sensitivities. You will be applying the course material to every aspect of your life. The guidebook you receive with each class walks you through the process of self discovery, insight and application to your own life and unique situation.

#7: Daily protection from negative energy around you.

You will learn effective, time tested strategies that show you how to protect yourself from negative energies around you at home, while you are in public and at work. These strategies take only a few minutes to use and are very easy and extremely effective.

#8: Learn how to feel safe in all environments so you stay open to receiving.

In this course you will learn how to feel safe and protected enough to open yourself up to receiving more – more abundance, more opportunities, more financial prosperity and more love and support. Only then can you truly flourish.

#9: Wipe your slate clean from any past or present emotional pain due to your sensitive nature.

Being highly sensitive can come with a stigma of being “too sensitive” and taking everything personal. When you are open and vulnerable you are susceptible to teasing, ridicule, judgment and even bullying. In this course, you will learn how to wipe the slate clean from any old emotional pain caused by judgment in the past due to your sensitivities.

#10: Your questions answered during the course.

Debbie gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get her personal guidance and feedback during the live Q&A calls in the course. This is your opportunity to get help with any area or situation you are struggling with due to your sensitivities.

“Thank you so much for offering this HSP class. Your message is the first in a long time that resonates with me and I am very happy to have found you.”

~ Kathryn S.

Debbie’s personal guarantee to you…

#1: You will be shown how to turn your sensitive nature into life long success.

#2: You will never again feel a need to apologize, hide, withdraw, defend, struggle or be ashamed of your sensitive nature.

#3: You will get lifelong tools that will ALWAYS work so you feel safe and protected in the world.

#4: The Life Success Formula can be completely customized to YOU.

#5: You will be able to apply everything you learn immediately into your life.

#6: You will be more confident, have greater clarity and inner peace from taking this course.

“I’m doing the HSP workshop with Debbie Lynn Grace. It is pretty amazing and I’m glad I decided to do it. Learning so much about my highly sensitive self. Its a really great program that I would recommend to any HSP about self awareness and taking care of oneself, and protecting and nourishing the HSP soul that needs tons of SELF LOVE and awareness …Great tips that can be used every day and really work!!!!!!!”

~ Heather

Register By March 4, 2018 And SAVE $100 off
the Regular Registration Fee

This course isn’t a temporary fix, it’s a permanent way of living so you embrace, protect and nourish your sensitive nature AND you live a wonderful life of flow, ease and prosperity. The regular registration fee for this course is currently $397. When you register by March 4, you can save $100 so your registration is ONLY $297. There is also a two-pay plan available. As soon as you register you will get all the course details. The class starts on March 5, so don’t wait to respond!

Important Q & A For The Successful Sensitive Foundation Online Course For The Highly Sensitive Person

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    Will I get access to Debbie personally during the course?

    Yes! Included in the course are TWO live Q&A group calls with Debbie where you can ask her any question you have regarding your own personal situation. This is your opportunity to get personal attention and guidance from Debbie during the course. During this call Debbie will address your own specific questions about any of the course content and challenges you are specifically facing.

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    Will I have access to the recordings from the calls?

    YES! There is NO waiting for any recordings of the class. In fact you will be sent the link to the recording of each class in ADVANCE of each class. Once the live class is over, the link immediately becomes active so you can download the recording to your computer.

  • null

    How long is each class?

    Each class runs about 60-90 minutes depending on the class. Don’t worry about missing any information. If you can’t attend a live class or need to leave early before the class ends, you can always listen to the recording. You have immediate access to the recording once the class is over.

  • null

    What happens if I'm not available during the live class times?

    Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call. Debbie has students all over the globe who take her courses and who frequently register for her programs and just listen in to the recording because they can’t listen to the live class. We know you have a busy schedule and might not be able to make a class or two because of work or other commitments. Don’t let that stop you from taking the course. You receive the link to the recording immediately after each class is over so you can keep current with the class material.

  • null

    What happens if I can't make the live Q&A calls to get my questions answered?

    No worries. You can send your questions to Debbie in advance of the live Q&A calls and she will answer them during the live call so that your answer is on the recording.

  • null

    Do you offer scholarships or service trades for this program?

    We frequently get requests from people who are facing financial hardships and challenging times asking for a scholarship or service trades to our programs and events.

    While we do not offer full or partial scholarships or service trades to any of our events or programs, Debbie does offer complimentary information packed webinars such as the recent HSP life success webinar.

    These complimentary webinars are designed to introduce you to a specific topic and give tips and strategies. Debbie also gives a high vibration energy transmission during these webinars to support all the people who want access to the information.

  • null

    Do you offer payment plans for this program?

    Yes! As a courtesy to you, We offer a 2-pay plan for the program. Unfortunately, we can not offer delayed payment or any extensions on the payment plan beyond the 2-pay plan for this program.

    This course is priced at an affordable fee that is a small fraction of the cost to work with Debbie privately or at her live events. This enables people worldwide the opportunity to get in-depth access to her transformational strategies at a low price.

“I believe without your classes I would be a basket case. I’ve been unable to work for the past 5 weeks on a full schedule but you know, I’ve actually been calm and completely focused on healing my eyes and my whole body. So the material you’re teaching right now I’ve been using and it is working. Business is still flowing, people are still calling me. I’m featured on a blog in Forbes Magazine today. You’re right, miracles do happen. Thanks.”

~ Marcy M.

“Debbie your continued stewardship is so appreciated. You’ve given me tools to conquer many things and become the person that I am. I firmly believe in everything you say and I hang on your every word. You are my guiding light.”

~ Roger A.

“I have worked with Debbie over the years and she has helped me in many aspects of my life. To live a successful life you want to be well rounded and in alignment in every area of your life. And that is what Debbie has done an incredible job in helping me to do. Being in alignment in my spiritual, my mental, my physical, my relationships and also helping me grow my business by 1000’s of percent.I have hired many professionals over the years that have not gotten me the results I wanted. Debbie has always helped me get incredible results. I go back and listen to the advice she has given me and it always applies to the situation at that moment. Debbie is the real deal and can help you get incredible results and live the life of your dreams.”

~ Gene Y.


Yes I am ready to live a life of ease, flow and prosperity. Sign me up right now for the Successful Sensitive Foundation Program.

When I get the Successful Sensitive Foundation Program, I receive:

  • #1: Five classes of live instruction with Debbie Lynn Grace – $997 Value
  • #2: Comprehensive handouts for each module. – $247 Value
  • #3: Downloadable audio recordings of each class – $247 Value
  • BONUS: Sensitive Self Assessment. – $97 Value
  • BONUS: Two LIVE Q&A calls with Debbie Lynn Grace – $397 Value
  • BONUS: Live Class On How To Live Abundantly Using The HSP Foundation Tools ($97 Value)

TOTAL VALUE     $2082

NOTE: As soon as you sign up for the HSP Foundation Program, you will get the registration details of the program PLUS the Sensitive Self Assessment.

Which Payment Option Would You Like?


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You were born to live a life filled with unconditional love, prosperity, joy, fulfillment, passion, creativity, confidence and expansion using your sensitive nature to FLOURISH and THRIVE. When you learn how to embrace your sensitive nature and protect and nourish your mind, body and spirit, you will live a life of abundance, ease, flow and prosperity. 



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